Chapter 4. Logos and Textures

4.15 Mr. Gimp Junior' luggage tab (XCF)
4.20 A rose in Olivier's garden (Archiduc Joseph by Nabonnand)
4.23 A spiral gradient with a very short mouse move
4.24 A repeated Triangular wave in Multiply blending mode
4.25 Triangular wave repetition mode with Darken only blending mode
4.26 Long strokes in Difference blending mode
4.28 After edge detection and colorizing
4.33 A piece of silk
4.38 After edge detection
4.39 After adjusting the Curves
4.40 After bumping and colorizing
4.42 Hanging drapes
4.48 A wood texture
4.50 A canvas texture
4.58 Scott effect
4.60 A stone texture
4.61 A tilable texture built with a gradient brush
4.62 A tilable texture built with almost nothing
4.69 A tilable texture built by hand
4.69a Another tilable texture built by hand (XCF)
4.72 After adding relief
4.73 Using the Emboss filter
4.74 Casting some shadow
4.75 Tilting the shadow
4.76 Giving the text itself some relief 4.77 Adding a reflection in front
4.77 Same logo (XCF)
4.78 Generating relief and proper shadow
4.81 A burning logo
4.82 A radioactive logo
4.84 A golden logo
4.86 A textured logo
4.86 Same logo (XCF)

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