Table of contents

I. Learning GIMP
1. Getting Started
2. Photograph Retouching
3. Drawing and Illustration
4. Logos and Textures
5. Composite Photography
6. Animation
7. Image Preprocessing
8. Designing a Website

II. GIMP Reference Manual
9. The GIMP Interface
10. Display
11. Layers
12. Color
13. Selections
14. Masks
15. Drawing Tools
16. Transformation tools
17. Filters
18. Animation Tools
19. Obtaining and Printing Images
20. Image Formats
21. Scripts and Plug-ins
22.Customizing GIMP

III. Appendices
A. Vision and Image Representation
B. Tips and Hints to Selected Exercises
C. Resources
D. Frequently Asked Questions
E. Installations
F. Batch processing

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